How To Meet Your Personal Development Goals

In order to achieve and mature in self-confidence, personal achievement, and in any other ways in which we seek to grow and develop as humans, effort becomes necessary. If we are to take our lives to the next level of personal achievement, self-confidence, and contribution, we need to consciously develop ourselves in these areas. The best way to grow is to find out what has worked for others who were looking to grow their self-cinfidence and personal achievement, and follow in their footsteps.

In an article appearing in Forbes, Joseph Folkman, Contributor talks about the #1 reason most personal development plans do not succeed. He concludes that the reason is because the development plan is the manager’s plan and the manager fails to get the buy-in of the individual.

So if you want to make sure your own personal efforts or those of others are successful, make sure personal commitment to the plan is obtained and sustained from and by the person to who the development plan pertains. This will lead to a much better chance for success.

It is no secret that most individual development plans fail. I’ve been in the leadership development industry for over 40 years and I can tell you that statement is true. But after 40 years of teaching, training, observing and testing some of the best and worst leaders in the world I can also tell you with confidence that I know why so many fail.