In an article appearing in Forbes, Joseph Folkman, Contributor talks about the #1 reason most personal development plans do not succeed. He concludes that the reason is because the development plan is the manager's plan and the manager fails to get the buy-in of the individual.

So if you want to make sure your own personal efforts or those of others are successful, make sure personal commitment to the plan is obtained and sustained from and by the person to who the development plan pertains. This will lead to a much better chance for success.

"It is no secret that most individual development plans fail. I’ve been in the leadership development industry for over 40 years and I can tell you that statement is true. But after 40 years of teaching, training, observing and testing some of the best and worst leaders in the world I can also tell you with confidence that I know why so many fail"

Although human beings are the highest order of life on the planet, as far as we know, we are also the only lifeform that regularly practices self-sabotage. Self-sabotage can be defined as behavior that directly or indirectly adversely effects one's own well-being. How many times do we keep doing something that is not in our own best interest. We wonder why we are doing such things to ourselves, yet we keep up the behavior, repeating it over and over.

Sometimes we are consciously aware that we are contributing to our own demise, and sometimes we are not even aware that we are causing our own problems. In some cases human beings are in complete or partial denial about their part in their own self-sabotage. Until such a person is jarred into awareness, or otherwise wakes up, there is usually little hope of change, even though the person may desparately want to have different results than what they are getting in life.

Sometimes people become so sick and tired of the pain self-sabotage can cause, they become willing to face what they hadn't been willing to face until the pain got to be unbearable. Even will this willingness, it can be a time of crisis and very frightening to the person attempting to face the underlying truth of what is going on. At times such as these, the availibility of another person to be helpful and supportive can be invaluable. Learn more...

Many people, mostly unaware of the direct cause and effect of the ins and outs of life, feel like they are helpless victims being tossed around in life willy-nilly by life in general, and by others specifically. This can be the results of feeling powerless and of having the false belief that power comes from the outside, with no awareness that true power comes from within. Such false beliefs cause people to readily give away their power to other people. This becomes particularily prevalent in cases where abuse is taking place or has taken place in the past, especially as a young child.

Self-sabotage causes human emotional pain.This kind of pain left unchecked is always damaging, and can lead to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, food and other overindulgements to try and ease the pain that is being experienced. In dire straits such as this, some people seek to develop personally, and others do not. When ready to do something about the pain of self-sabotage, a personal coach can be very helpful.

An important key to personal growth is about taking responsibility for ones own life. One reason that this is so difficult, is because it is so much more confortable to blame someone else for our woes, rather than take full responsibility for our own lives. Taking full responsibility entails letting go of blame and of being a victim. Blame accuses others, guilt acuses self. These are natural human reactions, and must be exposed for what they are, immature and undeveloped responses that can be overcome by facing our tendencies to shift blame and pass the buck.

Many people struggle their whole lives hoping to develop personally. Many times they are vaguely aware that something is off-kelter, but instead of recognizing that they personally are a big part of the problem, They continue in an endless cycle of guilt and blame, but get no relief and make little or no progress in life.   They limp along, not enjoying life and not personally growing or developing. They do not know that hiring a qualified life coach can help them identify just what is keeping them trapped in a messy web that can be processed and left behind. A life of liberation and freedom awaits anyone willing to do the inner work it takes to free oneself.

Good life coaching helps to demolish the ring of terror, fear, frustration or other negative emotional states that are wreaking havoc in peoples' lives. Find out more about what life coaching has to offer you and find out whether such an endeavor may be something you would like to incorporate into your life's journey at this time. Read More.




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